Wednesday, July 25

Jenatrix Lajames

I haven't been writing. I'm slightly unmotivated, but moreso, busy at work and not wanting to write from home. Oh well.

James just did the funniest thing to Nacho. I'm afraid to say, because I don't want someone to stumble across the description and call us animal abusers. was frickin hilarious!

Now, I'm gonna eat some granola. Peace.

Sunday, July 8

Fried to a...

Ow. When will I learn that sunblock is good?

Yesterday: Fort Tilden beach with Tbags +2, then PS1 with James +1.

I'm mad red. Skin = hot.


Tuesday, June 26

Productivity soars!

Yesterday, James and I were super ambitious. We left work around 6:00 (I'd gotten there at 9:14, so therefore put in 45 minutes' worth of free O/T) and made our way to the Bed, Bath & Beyond on East 61st Street. We'd assumed it was on either Lexington or Third Avenue, but unfortunately, we had to walk to Second Avenue to reach our goal. Once there, we tracked down the vacuum of our dreams, and purchased it. Woo!

We left and aimed towards the N/W, but became sidetracked when confronted with an alluring pizza place. It was actually a great decision, as the pizza was tasty and they served zeppoles. Woo x2!

From there, the long hike home was a bit hot and dreary, but we were unswayed. We dumped the vacuum at home, took a bit to catch our breaths, and gathered our laundry. We sneaked past the next door laundromat (it's dirty and more expensive than the one a block away), and did the deed. Woo x3!

When the clothes were dry and safe in the apartment, we set off on our final mission: groceries. We get there around 10 (sadly, the deli was closed) and enjoyed a virtually empty Key Foods. I might just make it a point to shop late at night. Turkey bologna for lunch = woo x4!

Finally, after arriving home, unpacking the food, and making the best mac n' cheese EVER, James broke out the vacuum (which we christened Winnie Cooper) and put that sucker to use. We can now walk around the apartment without shoes.

Woo x5. Thank you.

Saturday, June 23

Shows are great

What I did last night, presented through photos by someone else.

Tuesday, June 19

Target practice

On my walk home from the super-delayed W train, I was hit by a flying bag of garbage. No shit. This dude was cleaning out the basement of a bar, and he was blindly tossing full bags from between those cellar doors (the ones I'm always afraid will open as I step on them) onto the sidewalk. It hit my heel, I stumbled slightly, two chumps outside the bar chuckled, the tosser said "Sorry, miss" with a smirk on his face.

In other news, I had my 90-day review today. It went well enough, lots of positive, a few things to work on. I've always known it, but today confirmed big time: I'm bad at receiving criticism as well as compliments.

Mom, what did you do to me?

Sunday, June 17

I ain't friends with no butter faces!

James and I were invited to dig in the beauty closet in the office of Elle magazine. Needless to say, we were extremely grabby, and made off with two heavy bags full of crap. We stopped off at the Senior Beauty Editor's apartment in Union Square, then hit a coworker's birthday party for a while.

Then, we ran home, giggling with our booty like eight-year-olds. A quick stop at [New} Chinese Kitchen provided dinner, My So-Called Life disc two was inserted, and we dumped the mess onto the livingroom floor and had at it.

Three piles of product and much sniffing later, James applied body wash to his arm thinking it was lotion, and I have on what appears to be permanent blue eyeliner.

Saturday, June 16

To quote

"There is no happiness like that of being loved by your fellow-creatures, and feeling that your presence is an addition to their comfort."

-Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte

Monday, June 4

I stole this pic

from Paint. I think it's supercute.

It's from a couple weeks ago (the Sunday that champagne killed). I drunkenly made my way to his place, and we went outside to play in McGorlick Park in Greenpoint. We took a ton of pictures, mostly of ourselves.

Monday, May 28

So annoyed

I left a BBQ in goddamn Brooklyn for BBQ Part II in Astoria, and it was stupid cancelled. WTF am I supposed to do now?!

I hate people. A lot.

Sunday, May 27

Three things I'm sure of

1. Can't count on nobody!
2. Long, lonely weekends suck.
3. Jared Leto and I are destined to be together.